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Meet Capabox.

Meet Capabox.

Jitse Mentee

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Raida Mentor

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

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Open an alternative career path, broaden your perspectives and expand your CV.

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Design your career 
the smart way.

Your career is a toolbox, or a skillbox. All experience, insights and overall expertise you’ve collected up-to-date are inside.

But you can never have too many tools. 

And that’s exactly what we’re here for.

What's inside the box?

Basically, whatever you want!

Feel free to customise your experience, handpick new skills and get the most of your mentor’s expertise.

There are no limits to personal development.

It’s your career, it’s your choice.

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Level up your portfolio with qualities 
inaccessible through books or videos.

Level up your portfolio with qualities 
inaccessible through books or videos.

Get direct first-hand insights on
 different business branches.

Get direct first-hand insights on
 different business branches.

Learn how to fully utilise your 
non-industry dependant skill set.

Learn how to fully utilise your 
non-industry dependant skill set.

Build a broad professional network, 
explore career opportunities 
and jumpstart your career!

Build a broad professional network, 
explore career opportunities 
and jumpstart your career!

So, what do I do?

It’s easy!

See how to explore your career path step by step.
Reach new heights with online mentoring.

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Capabox Mentors.

Meet our worldclass experts.

Saana Azzam
Saana Azzam Public speaking Chief Inspirational Officer and 
Founder at MENA Speakers Saana is an award-winning economist, 
Forbes contributor, and CEO of The 
Middle East leading speaker’s agency, 
MENA Speakers. She empowers her 
Mentees to present fluently, confidently 
and persuasively, believing that everyone 
can grow and become better skilled.
Ken McKellar
Ken McKellar Leadership 
Partner, AGM Transitions What is the key differentiator between 
a great leader from a merely good one? 
The all-important skill of concise, well well-
thought-out messaging. Ken gives leaders 
enjoyable, extended and fulfilling careers. As a Mentee, you have the opportunity to build and refineyour career strategies within a safe, confidential space.
Elena Agaragivoma
Elena Agaragivoma Talent Development Talent development specialist,
 Entrepreneur and Education advocate Elena has worked with 100’s of companies and shifted 1000’s of minds as a trainer and talent development specialist. She takes personal and professional growth to the next level with a science-based approach, using positive psychology and habit creation to help Mentees achieve 
their goals.

Capabox Stories.


Layla Metnee

Myscat, Omar

Meet Layla – she is self-employed as a graphic designer. Even though she’s excellent at using the digital brush, Layla had found herself struggling with sales. She got matched with Miriam, a local social media entrepreneur.

Layla has learned how to create engaging content and now she earns her living doing what she loves.


Raj Metnee

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Meet Raj – he’s employed in the game development 
industry and has recently moved from Calcutta to Riyadh. 
Meeting his Mentor, Arim, helped him beat his struggles 
to socialise in a new country.

With his new interpersonal skills, Raj no longer feels stressed 
out in his workspace. He’s built his professional network, 
and even got promoted!


Gloria Metnee

Belfast, Northern Ireland

Meet Gloria – a 42-year-old mother of two grown-up children. Whilst dealing with the empty-nest 
syndrome, Gloria realised that she had postponed career change for far too long.

Thanks to her Mentor, an HR specialist William, Gloria is no longer a salesperson – she thrives in her brand-new job as a recruiter

Put The Pieces Together.

Puzzled by your career path? Don’t worry, we got you!

Fill in the gaps with missing pieces – experience, guidance
and support from your Mentor. They fit in perfectly, don’t they?

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Put The Pieces Together.

Life-changing connections.


Arthur, Canada

Arthur had been a CEO of a consulting company for the last 27 years - but he has recently retired. He had always personally supervised the onboarding of employees and knew he still had a lot to pass on to younger generations. Meeting Selim and helping him out with his professional struggles gave Arthur a real sense of fulfilment.

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Selim, United Arab Emirates

Selim has just graduated in Finance and started his first job in a bank. 
A fast-paced environment and overloading duties caused him to feel frustrated. Not only did Arthur teach him strategic planning and time management, but also how to deal with stress. Now Selim thrives at his job and keeps his feelings at bay.

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Are you looking for…

Safe space?

Capabox is a platform where you can make mistakes without being judged – we've all been there. There are no stupid questions (only stupid answers). I'm in

Female empowerment?

Join a women-only channel and empower your own inner superwoman to consciously design her career path! I'm in

Global opportunities?

Get matched with a local or international mentor. That means you can create customisable experience from your own comfy sofa! I'm in

Blaze your career trail.

Blaze your career trail.

Get unstuck

We know there’s a lot of pressure surrounding career growth. It’s alright if you’re feeling stuck.

A gentle push in the right direction is all you need, really. Soon, you will make a massive step forward!

Blaze your career trail.

Reality bite

You already had your entire life mapped out but now you can’t help but wonder: is this career path really meant for me?

With Mentor’s down-to-earth industry insights, you will spare a whole lot of time and energy!

Blaze your career trail.

It's never too late

You are never “too young” to start learning, so why would you be “too old” to do so?

Just go for it, and see what it can bring you – maybe a new career path?

Blaze your career trail.

Not alone

So you feel like you’re running behind all your friends in terms of career growth. You might believe that you are the only one who still struggles.

But hey, you aren’t! Capabox is a community of like-minded individuals – you’ll be far from alone.